Birth Control vs. Abortion

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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Birth Control versus Abortion
Melissa Frazier

With the vast amount of methods of birth control that is available today, abortions to end an unwanted pregnancy should not be an option. Both men and women have a multitude of options for preventing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy that they are not ready for financially, emotionally or for any reason that they may have. Abortions are available into the third trimester. However, the methods of removing the unborn child or fetus become crueler as the pregnancy progresses. Thus abortions border on moral and ethical boundaries for both women and men. Both men and women play an active part concerning the right type of birth control contraceptive that can be used. Some have higher effectiveness rates than others, but only a few have the added benefit of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. Men in reality, have three options when making decisions about what types of methods that they will use when preventing pregnancy. Condoms not only protect against pregnancy, they are also one of the few methods that against most forms of sexually transmitted diseases. With the multitude of types that are available and the low costs; this should be one of the easiest decisions for a man to make. Withdrawal is another method that men can choose to use, although it is not as effective. The risk pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases when using this method is increased as well. Precise timing should be used, although one can say that it would “ruin the moment.” The final form of birth control that a man could use is sterilization. This form was once called permanent, but can be reversed. The drawback is that the male may not be as fertile as he once was. Women have different forms of birth control to choose from. From hormonal contraceptives to barrier contraceptives and beyond, there is virtually no reason that abortions of unwanted pregnancies should occur. Birth control pills, the Depo-Provera...
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