Birth Control: Just Having Sex, or Safe Sex?

Topics: Pregnancy, Birth control, Human sexual behavior Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: March 4, 2013
March 31, 2010
Birth Control: Just having sex, or safe sex?
​Birth control is considered to be a marvelous thing in some women’s eyes; however, the thought of teenagers taking it is somewhat looked down on by many. Some people ask, “Is it okay for unmarried teens to get on birth control, and does it give them an okay to have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want?” The whole point of birth control is to prevent a pregnancy, yes, and this may mean that teens are out having sex, but they are having safe sex. There is more than one side to this argument. Some people may say that teens should not be on birth control because it just gives them an excuse to go out and have sex with whomever they please whenever they please. The different types of birth control have good things about them, but there are bad things about them as well. Some different kinds of birth control include, “the pill,” “the shot,” male and female condoms, diaphragms, and IUDs (intra-uterine device).  The only one of these options that protects against STDs is the condom (pros and cons). People could say that birth control is expensive and is too much of a hassle, or too expensive, but there are free clinics close to just about every community. These free clinics, like their name, will give a teenager, or whoever needs them, free condoms, or free birth control. There just does not seem to be an answer to support the opposing side.   Birth control clinics are well aware that there are many sexually active teens, and these clinics are taking it upon themselves to educate teens about safe sex. The goal of birth control clinics is to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies (birth control clinics). These clinics also let teens know that they have options, and that they should take the time to find out what type is right for them (birth control options). Some parents across the country are afraid to put their teens on the pill or give them condoms because they do not want...
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