Birth Control for Teens

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Sex education Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: March 4, 2013
There are many different obstacles presented to young females today than have been in past decades. In today’s society, teenage girls have to grow up fast because of a decision they made at a young age - the decision to engage in premarital relations. Birth control is given to young girls for different reasons; it could be because of their cycle or maybe because they’re sexually active. Not all teens are comfortable about letting their parents know that they’re sexually active or thinking about sex. This is why birth control should be given out for free without having the parents’ permission. Birth control needs to be more accessible to teens, because it would decrease teen pregnancy and unwanted abortions, some teens cannot get help from parents, and it would benefit society as a whole.

Many teens want to become pregnant- or do not try to avoid it- because they see unwed pregnancy as something that will earn them attention and admiration from their peers. As some teens say, “teen moms come to school “bragging” about their babies and acted as if having a child gave them an elevated status.”(Jennifer A. Hurley,64). At a minimum, teens should be given basic information-about abstinence about contraceptives, condom, and other options for protection and about their reproductive health. But too many teenagers become parents either because they cannot envision another positive future direction to their lives, or because they lack concrete educational or employment goals and opportunities that would convince them to delay parenthood. Also a lack of supervision plays a large role in the prevalence of teen pregnancy. As said many girls feel uncomfortable approaching them. Many parents leave the school sex education class to talk to they’re kid about sex. As the article say “ you should start talking to your kids about sex at the age of 12.Even if you think your teen is too young to be interested in sex, it’s important to get the dialog going early, because kids under...
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