Birth Control for Minors

Topics: Pregnancy, Hormonal contraception, Birth control Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Inefficient use of Federal Funds
* In 1st 12mths of contraceptive use, 16.4% of teens will become pregnant. If cohabiting the failure rate rises to 47% due to improper use. * According to the Guttmacher Institute- 48% of women with unintended pregnancies where using contraception in the month they became pregnant.

Sexual Promiscuity
* Teens partake in risky sexual behavior, the ‘It won’t happen to me’ attitude. * Struggling teens see sex as an outlet for frustration which leads to a diminished outlook on ones values and self-esteem. * May use sex as a way of showing parents that they are “free” and ‘do whatever’ which can lead to emotional, physical problems. * STD’s and cervical cancer has been linked to promiscuous behavior. * Each year 3 million STD’s are diagnosed in teens

* Creates a false sense of security

Health Risk associated with Hormonal Contraception
* Risk associated with smoking while taking birth control. 90% of all smokers start as teens. * Increases risk of breast, cervical, and liver cancers
* Cervical cancer risk increases with long-term use.
* Benign tumors in liver that can case bleeding and rupture. * Expose breast tissue to high levels of hormones for long periods of time. * Break-through bleeding and nausea
* Weight gain
* Depo Provera can lead to bone loss
* Headaches
* No protection against STD’s
* Mood changes

Parent’s choice
Parents are legally responsible for the welfare of their children until the age of 18. * Giving teens the right to obtain birth control without parental consent is encroaching upon the rights of parents in the lives of there children. * NP’s should not knowingly put children in a high health risk situation without the consent of the guardian. Unethical to allow children to obtain it without parental consent due to the health risk. * Removing parents right to make a major decision is something we shouldn’t promote...
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