Birth Control

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Birth control
Zafer Dogan, Spring 2004, Adv
The expansion of the world population is the most important problem that should be solved in order not to confront in the near future big social problems such as bad economic circumstances and lack of resources, food and housing.  Birth control, although may lead to religious, cultural and moral objections, is the fastest way to reduce the population growth rate. Therefore, governments should begin programs of birth control even in a compulsory manner due to the fact that group survival is more important than individual freedom.  

First of all, a high birth rate means an ever-growing  population, which needs more accommodation, education, and health care. When you fail to control high birth rates, this will bring about an expansion in the population. Increasing needs of the expanding population cannot be provided easily. Hence, it will cause malnutrition, health problems and dissatisfaction among people. Furthermore, with a high birth rate in a rapidly growing population, social problems will lead to social crises and explosion. Therefore, high birth rate in a population is a very serious problem that should be solved as fast as possible to avoid crises in the country in concern.  

Another negative aspect of high birth rate is the reduction of the natural resources of a country. The diminishing natural resources also bring about high inflation rate and unfavorable economic conditions. When natural resources of a country fail to meet the growing domestic need, prices increase and living standards decline. Therefore, in a developing country, the government should not let the population increase uncontrollably.  

Birth control is the fastest solution to stop an increasing population. A common criticism of the practice of birth control is that involuntary birth control would not work properly because most people believe that enforcing people to practice birth control cannot be a solution. However, a high birth rate is...
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