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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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The Reasons for Change in the Births Rates and Family Size Since 1900 They are a variety of reasons why the birth percentage is rising for instance health care, increase of children being born at the same period, high population, giving birth at a younger age, abortions are becoming more costly, single parents aren’t looked down upon, better food, better food sources. Improved health care and in some courtiers its free so that mean less people are dying form accidents, disease and so on that means the person can carry on their life and reproduce for example medical knowledge has improved form the 1950’s “as late as the 1930’s, levels of obstetric knowledge and technique were so poor that they were more likely to increase rather than decrease death rates in childbirth” that fact that this has impaired equals to the change of birth rates. In this day and age in the medical sector doctors can now give women pills that will make sure that the women has two or three children at a time. A high population means that there is more people wanting to have children this could be a problem but more children being born will mean that more will die in the future however countries like china has enforced a child law meaning that a family is limited to only one child. Giving birth at a younger age, one type of this is teenage pregnancies and it can also be due to culture issues in gang areas or teenagers being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
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