Birmingham Airport

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Birmingham International Airport
1. List of micro level operations:
a) Maintain runways
b) Allocating slots to the Airline companies
c) Developing and implementing safety management systems
d) Co-ordination with Civil Aviation Authority
e) Baggage handling operations
f) Airline ticketing check operations
g) Training of fire men
h) Presence of information desk to provide relevant information to the passengers.

Operation| Transformed Resource| Transforming Resource| Output| Customer| Information Desk| Information| Staff| Proper Information Provided| Passengers and Visitors| Ticketing| Tickets| Staff| Correct Booking| Passengers| Baggage Handling| Bags| Baggage Handler| Correct Destination| Passengers| Cleaning| Airport Area like lounges, toilets etc | Cleaning Staff| Clean Area| Passengers and staff|

2. Jobs of the Operations Director:

a) Monitor employees who are basically concerned with day to day running and the short and medium term planning. b) Overlook the long term planning and development i.e. construction of new building, catering outlets, car parks, people mover. c) Provide infrastructure as well as leadership and co-ordination for all the other organizations on site- such as airlines, handling agents, cargo handlers. d) Co-ordination and setting the safety and customer service standards for everyone adhere to. e) Effective operational planning for efficient allocation of infrastructure to the airlines. f) Development of a specific system to cope up with emergency situations such as fire, evacuations, bomb threats, ill passengers and even deaths in the terminal. Problems faced by operations director:

a) Managing and developing the airport’s operations.
b) Efficient allocation of resources.
c) Allotting slots to different airline companies.
d) Handling emergency situations such as fire, evacuations, bomb threats etc. e) Maintaining...
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