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The roots of ADITYA BIRLA GROUP date back to the century 19th in the picturesque town of pilani in Rajasthan. Seth Narayan Birla started trading in Cotton in 1857, laying the foundation for the House of Birlas. In 20th century Ghanshyamdas Birla set up industries in critical sectors such as Textiles & Fibres , Aluminium , Cement &Chemicals . LOGO

('Aditya' is the Sanskrit word for sun). The corporate logo “Rising Sun” consists of an inner circle, symbolizing the internal universe of the Aditya Birla Group, an outer circle, symbolizing the external universe, and a dynamic meeting of rays converging and diverging between the two..

Birla group was started by Ghanshyam Das Birla (G.D. Birla) who inherited his fortune from his grandfather as a marwari business which was lending money against pawned item and later on he diversified it into the several other sectors. Baldeo Das Birla was the father of Ghanshyam Das Birla along with 3 other sons – Rameshwar Das, Braj Mohan Birla & Jugalkishore Birla. G.D. Birla had 3 sons from her wife Durga Devi – Laxmi Niwas, Sudershan Kumar & Siddharth. Her wife Maheshwari Devi had two sons – K.K. Birla & Basant Kumar.

K.K. Birla had 3 daughters – Nandini, Jyotsna & Shobhana Basant Kumar had 3 Children – Aditya Vikram, Manjushree & Jayashree Kumar Mangalam Birla, the current chairman of the entire Birla group is the son of Aditya Vikram. G.D. Birla’s brother Rameshwar Das had two children – Madhav Prasad who married to Priyamvada & Gajanan who again had two sones – Ashok Vardhan Birla &...
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