Birds Eye Target Market

Topics: Food, Advertising, Family Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Identification and evaluation of viable target market (where to compete) and positioning strategies (how to compete) for this product.

Birds Eye’s target market is consumers that want a quick, convenient, and ‘proper’ meal. The market has been driven by several factors including consumer demand for convenience foods, a rise in freezer and microwave oven ownership, the decline of families sitting down to eat together and a rise in one and two-person households. They use to target mainly at families but because of the change in eating habits their target market more so would be one-person or two-person households and students.

The breakdown of families has provided Birds Eye with the perfect market in which to promote ready meals. One-third of all households in the UK alone are expected to be single-person households in 10 years time. A number of families are in bad financial positions because of the recession meaning often both parents needing to work which causes time pressure in the household. Birds Eye has targeted these families by providing larger portion sizes. Rising health concerns meant that consumers were more aware of the influence of their diet on their health so recently Birds Eye introduced a new range of ready meals, ‘Eat Positive.’ Here Birds Eye are targeting towards health conscious consumers. Most parents are concerned about the health of their children, so Birds Eye should take up the opportunity to provide these ‘Eat Positive’ ready meals in larger portions or provide specific meals for children with essential vitamins and minerals in order to target parents with children.

Birds Eye positioning strategies were successful as they are the leading frozen brand in the UK. Their main competitors are Heinz/Weight Watchers and Findus. Heinz/Weight Watchers have a slightly lower price but Birds Eye offer bigger portions. Last year they re-launched their whole range with fresh packaging and this year they introduced its ‘Eat Positive’...
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