Bird Flu

Topics: Influenza, Avian influenza, Influenza pandemic Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Bird Flu
Kimberley Villegas Montoya
December 4, 2012
Cindy Miller

Bird Flu
In this paper I am going to talked about what is the bird flu, how do humans get the bird flu, how can people catch the bird flu from another person, has the bird flu been seen in the United States, what are the signs and symptoms of the bird flu in humans and is there a bird flu vaccine and treatment. Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a viral infection spread from bird to bird. Currently, a particularly deadly strain of bird flu (H5N1) continues to spread among poultry in Egypt and in certain parts of Asia. Technically, H5N1 is a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus. It is deadly to most, but not all birds, and it is deadly to humans and to other mammals that catch the virus from the birds. Since the first human case in 1997, H5N1 has killed nearly 60% of the people who have been infected, but unlike human flu bugs, H5N1 bird flu does not spread easily from person to person. The very few cases of human-to-human transmission have been among people with exceptionally close contact, such as a mother who caught the virus while caring for her sick infant. Migrating water birds, especially wild ducks are the natural carriers of bird flu viruses. It is suspected that infection can spread from wild birds to domestic poultry. The disease has spread to wild birds, pigs, and even to donkeys, it will be hard, if not impossible, to get rid of. As of 2011, the disease was well established in six nations: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam (What Is Bird Flu, 2012). People catch the bird flu by close contact with birds or bird droppings. Some people have caught H5N1 from cleaning or plucking infected birds. In China, there have been reports of infection via inhalation of aerosolized materials in live bird markets. It is also possible that some people were infected after swimming or bathing in water contaminated with the droppings of infected birds, and some...
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