Bird and Way Incl. Dishonesty

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush- Stick to things that you are sure about rather than chase something you might never achieve. A piece of cake - smth. too easy
To be a bag of bones - to be very thin
To keep smth. under your hat - keep something secret
To wear the trousers - to be the boss of the family or household To have ants in your pants - to be restless or incapable of sitting still Just as the twig is bend, the tree is enclined
To let your hair down - relax
A lightbulb moment - moment of sudden realisation (like in cartoons) It’s raining cats and dogs - it’s raining heavily
Birds of a feather flock together - people with similar interests stick to each other Big fish - boss
To bite the dust - way of saying that sb. has died, been killed violently (soldier in battle) To try every trick in the book - try to do it in every possible way incl. dishonesty and deceit To be easier said than done - it is much more difficult than it sounds It’s all smoke and mirrors - an attempt to conceal smth. (like in a magic show) Jack-of-all-trades - someone that can do many different things

Phrasals: (ask)
Phrasal verbs
Ask in/ over- invite
Ask out- for a date
Ask after- ask about someone
Ask around- ask a number of people for information/ invite
Ask about (smth.)
Ask for (sb.) - I wanna talk with somebody
Ask for (smth.)
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