Bipolar Disorders

Topics: Major depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder, Mania Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Bipolar Disorders|
Effects on Young Children|
Skyler Lovvorn|

This is a critical thinking assignment that will look into the research done by Luby, Tandon, and Beldon, and S.L. Kaplan. This assignment will compare each document and then I will share my thoughts on each of them.|

Bipolar affective disorder or more commonly known as bipolar disorder is a type of manic depressive disorder. This disorder causes people to experience extreme disruptive mood swings. These mood swings cause the person to become frantic and disorderly with a depressive side effect. This disorder can cause a person to be someone completely different in a split second, sometimes causing harm to themselves or to others around them. During high levels of this mood affecting disorder a person may act erratically or impulsively, which most of the times leads to poor decisions. Symptoms of this disorder vary among the different ages of people along with gender. People tend to act differently according to things in that sense. With that being said, controversy strikes between different children’s specialists on if the child truly is bipolar or if their behavior is just common for a child. Is it possible that the medications being given out are too strong or not even diagnosed properly? These are just a few issues that have been brought to attention by many child psychiatrists in the past few decades.

In Newsweek’s article, Mommy, Am I Really Bipolar? , by Stuart L. Kaplan, M.D.; Kaplan looks into the studies of the diagnosis of bipolar disorders in children. Her outlook is that the bipolar disorder is being diagnosed to children who do not even have the disorder. According to Kaplan “before the year 1995, bipolar disorder was rarely diagnosed in children, but in today’s society nearly one third of all children and adolescents discharged from child psychiatric hospitals are diagnosed with the disorder and medicated accordingly.”...
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