Bipolar Disorder with Manic Depression

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  • Published : January 14, 2008
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Bipolar Disorder with Manic Depression
Case Study 4
Latresa Jackson
Abnormal Psychology-SS440
Charitie Fuller
December 12, 2007

Bipolar Disorder with Manic Depression
What is bipolar disorder; also know as manic-depressive, an illness involving episodes of serious manic and depression with episodes that are like an unending roller-coaster ride form the highest peak to the lowest. Bipolar disorders are of two kind, bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder. With bipolar I disorder is just that but with an experience of a full manic episode. Bipolar II disorder is when a major depressive episodes alternate with hypomanic episodes rather that the full episode, there are less severe. To tell them from the other you must have a symptom-free for at least two months between episodes. This disorder is known to begin in the adolescence years or early adulthood and last the rest of your life. Bipolar disorder, a condition that affects more than two million Americans which have experience extreme mood swings with other specific symptoms and behaviors. There are three forms of episodes associated with this disorder: manic, depressive, or mixed episodes. Manic episodes are those high ones, you are extremely happy, with irritability, and anxious, you experience talkative modes that are usually fast, loads of energy, and not enough sleep. When a person is having this manic episode it is common for them to act impulsively and take unusual risk, later they hate doing. With this episode, the person deals with delusions or hallucinations. With depressive episodes the person often are associated with feeling of low, emptiness or sadness, they don't have enough energy to get through the day. The person often doesn't take part in their interest like before. Their concentrating is all off, normal sleep pattern change, loss of appetite, and the thought process is all messed up, they are thinking about dying and kill themselves. Mixed episode consist of the two...
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