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Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

Limited-less and varied personalities are amongst many of the humankind. Scientist and members of society has been intrigued for many years at how the mind has the ability to be two-faced, the mind can turn on the host at any moment. Bipolar disorder, which is also known as mania causes individuals who suffer from it to have severe mood swings within their thinking, energy, and behaviors, which results from the highs of mania on one extreme to the lows of depression on the other. During this time is it more than just fleeting bad or good moods, bipolar disorder can last for many days, weeks, and even months at a time. Bipolar mood swings is quite different from normal mood swings, it often leaves the individual who suffers from it unable to perform normal daily functions. Early European thinkers altered the beliefs about proper treatment and mental illness, and in some cases advanced it. Between the 3rd and 5th centuries, Greek physician Hippocrates denied the long-held belief that mental illness was caused by supernatural forces and instead proposed that mental illness stemmed from natural occurrences within the human body, mainly pathology in the brain. Roman physician Galen and Hippocrates, introduced the theory of the four essential fluids of the human body—bile, phlegm, blood, and black bile—this is a combination which produced many unique personalities within an individual (Butcher 29). Throughout the Middles Ages, mental illness was believed to result from an imbalance of these humors. In order to bring the body back into equilibrium, patients were bled using leeches or cupping, and given laxatives. Specific purges included a concoction developed by Ptolemy called Hiera Logadii, which combined aloes, black hellebore, and colocynth and was believed to cleanse one of melancholy. Confectio Hamech was another laxative developed by the Arabs that contained myrobalans, rhubarb, and senna (MacDonald 187). Later, tobacco...

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