Biotic Components Paper

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  • Published : August 20, 2010
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Biotic Components Paper
Marisella Marengo
University of Phoenix
Susan Jensen
June 28, 2010

Biotic Components Paper
An ecosystem is simply the collection of biotic and abiotic components and processes that consist of and governs the behavior of some defined subset of the biosphere. Therefore, a biotic component is something that is or has lived. Although sometimes considered only as transitions zones between aquatic and terrestrial environments wetlands actually are true ecosystems, holding very peculiar attributes. Florida is surrounded by many different types of ecosystems which makes this particular State a very unique place to live. Rivers, springs, ponds, lakes and oceans create Florida’s ecosystem. The paper discusses the structural and functional dynamics of an ecosystem and how humans may have affected biogeochemical cycles. In addition, a brief summary will be provided on how knowledge can play an important part in the development of plans for its management and restoration of such ecosystem. Major Structural and Functional Dynamics

Springs are some of the most unique freshwater ecosystem on earth. Florida’s springs provide natural, recreational, and economical benefits for both the human life and the many different species that occupy such beautiful nature. In Florida, there are an estimated amount of 700 springs, which represents the largest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth. (My Florida, 2009) Florida springs are formed because of the porous limestone topography. Springs are areas where water flows directly from the aquifer to the surface, supplying flow to a river or other water body. Springs are classified by their flow rates, with a first-magnitude spring producing the greatest amount of water, averaging a flow of at least 100 cubic feet per second (64.6 million gallons daily). Florida boasts 33 first-magnitude springs. (Southwest Florida Water Management District, 2005)

Three different aquifer systems can be...
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