Biotic Components of an Ecosystem

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Becoming a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Theotis C. Jenkins
GEN/ 200
August 24, 2011
Professor David Wynne

Becoming a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician
When becoming a licensed aircraft maintenance technician there are many skills you can obtain that will help you succeed in a career in this field. You can earn great pay that will allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle, and a sense of self accomplishment that will go a long way for you in life. In order to experience any of those perks you first must meet the basic minimum requirements in order to be accepted into the profession. The first and most important requirement is that you must be at least the age of 18 years old in order to even consider starting. Have the ability to read, write, speak, and understand the English language. You will be required to obtain 18 months of on the job experience with either airframes or power plants (engines), or 30 months of on the job experience working with both at the same time. If you do not already have those requirements met you can choose an alternate route by attending one of the 170 FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technician schools that are available throughout the nation in various locations. There will be three tests that you must pass in order to get accepted and those tests are a written examination, an oral test, and a practical (hands on) test to test the knowledge that you have obtained. If planning to work on avionics equipment you only need an airframe certification, but you must be properly trained and qualified with proper tools and equipment. If you do not possess such a certificate you are still allowed to work on avionics equipment if you have prior experience from the military or from working for avionics manufacturers or related industries. Having already been an experienced technician will put you way ahead of others for the simple fact that you are already adapted to knowing and executing common practices...
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