Topics: Earth, Biome, Biosphere Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: March 23, 2008
Did you know that the biosphere II is a 7.2 million cubic foot greenhouse? The Biosphere II was made to be a mini- world, which was meant to mimic Biosphere I, The Earth. The Biosphere II has 7 different biomes including, and ocean, a desert, a savannah, a marsh, and a tropical rainforest. The biosphere II was originally made for 8 scientists to endure locked inside the Biosphere for two years, without any supplies! The plan looked perfect, but like everything in life problems quickly appeared. The Biosphere II’s original purpose (as I mentioned earlier) was to be a mini-biosphere I. Biosphere I is made up of a variety of plants, animals, insects, etc. Yet, that is not the most important part of our Earth, it’s our ocean. The ocean makes up for 71 percent of our planet. On the other hand land only makes up for 29 percent of our planet. The biosphere I has several biomes, also including savannahs, marsh’s, tropical rainforests, seven oceans, and deserts. The Earths climate differs greatly throughout the different regions or the world. This is very similar to the way Biosphere II’s climate functions. Both the Biosphere I and II climates, and weather, include, sunshine which was made possible (in the Biosphere II) because of the glass which was used to construct the Biosphere II, dome. Rain and wind are also not a rare sight in either Biosphere.

Biosphere Report
Found in the high deserts, 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Tucson, lays The Biosphere II. The 7.2 million cubic foot greenhouse was built in the late 1980’s. The cost to build this biosphere I replica was, $150 million dollars. The Biosphere II was funded by, a Texas oil Billionaire called Edward P. Bass. It was made in order to provide clues on how to build a similar habitat as the Earths on Mars or the Moon. An experiment had been planed to occur, throughout the first couple years. Eight scientists, four men, and four women were chosen to participate in an experiment, which was...
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