Biopsychosocial vs. Biomedical Model

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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Biopsychosocial verses Biomedical Model
Nancy Boswell
Psy. 352
April 1, 2012
Professor Peterkin

Biopsychosocial verses Biomedical Model
The biomedical model and the biopsychosocial model are both representations of health commonly accepted in modern society. The biomedical model considers the absence of disease is physical wellness. This model is good practice but it has limitations. On the other hand, the biopsychosocial model takes into account the whole person which has led to extensive research in many aspects of wellness. It addresses more than physical well being as many people now are ill but they have no presence of disease. Socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity and generational differences all play important roles in the model of wellness (Brannon & Feist, 2010). .During the past century, industrialized nations have witnessed a paradigm shift from infectious disease to chronic disease as the primary causes of death and disability. Treatment of chronic disease can be a lifelong process because many illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease develop and persist or recur. A biomedical physician would diagnose chronic disease after an individual has acquired it and treat the health disorder biologically with possible medicines and surgical procedures. In contrast, a biopsychosocial physician would focus on the biological aspects in addition to the psychological and social aspects of the malady (Brannon & Feist, 2010). For example, a cancer patient may be prescribed chemotherapy by a biomedical physician. In contrast, the biopsychosocial physician may prescribe chemotherapy and observe the individual’s and the family’s response to the disease treating the patients depression and anxiety of being ill. Research has shown that positive mental and emotional support is important in the recovery of disease (Twister, 2008). The biomedical physician may prescribe regular check-ups to observe if the disease persists or recurs but, in...
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