Biopsychosocial Paper

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Demographic Data
Steven* is 14-years-old, Caucasian male, and he speaks English. He is in the ninth grade. He was referred to use by the County of Sacramento DHHS- CPS.

Presenting Problem
Steven was placed in protective custody, according to intake social workers notes, due to his biological father’s mental issues and alcohol abuse. Steven was left unsupervised and left to parent himself while biological father was out drinking or hospitalized for being under the influence.



Eco Map
Family Composition
Steven currently lives with foster parents. There is another teen age male in the home. According Steven’s file prior to this placement he lived with his biological father, and prior to residing with his biological father Steven was placed in group homes and foster placements, having been previously been removed by CPS from his parent’s care due to substance abuse issues. Steven receives a weekly a weekly 2-hour visit with his biological mother that is supervised by an agency monitor. According to social worker’s case notes these visit take place at a local dinner. Steven is also eligible for weekly observed 1-hour visits with his biological father. However, social worker has written in his case notes that father can no longer make the visits with biological mother due to the fact that he now works graveyard shifts. Social worker’s quarterly report states that “the mother has had difficulty refraining from discussing inappropriate topics involving her family court case and related topics with Steven during visits.” Also, the mother would some times get defensive when redirected away from discussing these topics. The social worker also wrote in the Quarterly Report that Steven appeared to enjoy visiting with his mother, and would often ask her for things that his foster parents have already said he could not have until he earned it. But the biological mother has been supporting the foster parent’s by...
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