Biopolar Disorder Research Paper

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Bipolar Disorder Research Paper
Latrice Porter
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis
CSLN/ 526
Richard Skaff
April 19, 2009

Introduction to Bipolar Disorder

According to the National Institute Mental Health(NIMH) booklet (2008), Bipolar disorder is commonly known for a manic-depressive illness. This is caused by a brain disorder that usually shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and carried out day by day. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe. The different norms that can go from up or down moods. Bipolar symptoms can damage a healthy relationship, job and school performance, and even suicidal.

People with bipolar disorder can live a productive life with the proper treatment. Bipolar disorder can be diagnosis in early teens or early adult years. Before the age of 25 there has been some case studies diagnosis with bipolar disorder. Some people may have been diagnosis in their early childhood, while others have been diagnosis in their late adult years.

Bipolar disorder is hard to determine in the beginning. The symptoms are hard to recognize because the problems are separated. The diagnosis may have placed the problem in a different category. People may have suffered over years before getting treatment or diagnosis. This is a long-term illness and must be treated like diabetes or heart diseases.


People with intensive mood episodes are commonly diagnosis for bipolar disorder. There state of mind is like an emotional roller coaster. Several episodes a person could have being bipolar (NIMH booklet, 2008).

• Manic episode: a person who is overly joyful or overexcited.

• Depressive episode: a person who is extremely sad or hopeless state.

• Mixed episode: a person who has both manic and depression.

• During a mood episode a person may also become irritated and explosive.

Bipolar disorder may also cause a long lasting experience in unstable moods. Most of the day or nearly every day a person with bipolar disorder may experience a number of manic or depression episodes. This could last between one or two weeks. Some of the symptoms are so severe that a person cannot perform correctly on the job or school.

According to Veronica fisher (2007), the other episodes that determine bipolar disorder, hypomania and severe mania. Hypomania is a person with increased energy and activity levels. They also feel good, function well and very productive. Family and friends may recognize some of the symptoms. But people with hypomania are in denial about their actions. Hypomania without the proper treatment could lead to severe mania or depression. In a mixed episode a person could have trouble sleeping, become agitated, appetite change and suicidal. People with bipolar disorder may have severe episodes that may cause manic or depression.

Psychotic symptoms also occur in people with bipolar disorder. The symptoms can be from hallucinations and delusions. People with psychotic symptoms have extreme reflected moods. Some diagnosis can be determined wrong. People with psychotic behavior are often diagnosis of being schizophrenia because of the hallucinations and delusions. People with bipolar disorder may also have behavior problems and substance abuse with alcohol or drugs. Their relationships and poor work habits may also be affected by it.

Diagnostic challenges

According to NIMH booklet (2008), people try to treat their bipolar symptoms with substance abuse. This pro-long the process by triggering the behavior control. The mania result causes a person to drink too much. Other disorders that can be diagnosis with bipolar disorder are:

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD)

• Social phobia

• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

• These symptoms may overlap with bipolar disorder and cause a restless and easy distracted...
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