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I Am Worth It!
Allen,H/ GS100-5
Below is a bio-poem written by John Doe. Read the bio-poem then complete the activities below. John
Strong, hard working, stubborn, father
Son of a drunk and a hard working mom
Who loves working out, good food, and his son
Who feels frustrated, not smart enough, and broke
Who needs to pass this class, help with reading and writing, someone to love Who gives, time to his son, help to his neighbors, gives up when it gets hard Who fears failure, losing his job, disappointing his son

Who would like to see himself as a personal trainer, his son more than once a week, a raise on his paycheck Resident of a rented house in a rundown neighborhood
(Section 1) After reading the bio-poem, describe John Doe without just copying the words from his poem. 100 words minimum. John is a broken man. He does not have any self-confidence. He seems to want good things out of life although he is not willing to work for it. He seems to quite whenever anything gets hard instead of fighting for what he wants he gives up too quickly. I believe that he loves his son very much ad he settles for whatever whoever wants. He isn’t fighting for more time with his son although that is what he wants. He seems to be stuck in a job that he really does not want to be in and he seems too scared to go after what he really wants out of life.

(Section 2) In units 9 & 10 you learned that your future is up to you, and how to build your own self image. Using the ideas you learned in these units, what advice would you give to John and why? 100 word minimum.

My advice for John would be to go back to school and get his personal training degree. Work very hard to accomplish his goals and dreams for a better job ad future. He needs to go to the court system and file for more visitation time with his son. He has as good as chance as anyone to fulfill his dreams and aspirations for his future. John seems to be a very good person who has a...
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