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Dear Mr. Hatcher,

My topic was on how biomimicry can contribute to sustainability. Biomimicry is an unknown science by many persons and yet an ultimate solution to all the environmental issues encountered nowadays. This commentary is mainly dedicated to people who don’t know much about it, how it works and the impact it could have in solving environmental issues. The outside documents used in this essay were the Internet and magazines about biomimicry.

In this assignment, I displayed the definition of biomimicry and the few examples given were really convincing about why biomimicry should be taken seriously and considered in the research for sustainable solutions. My weakness in that paper is that I might have not stated correctly why we should believe in biomimicry. But I consider that the answer to that question is in the definition of the science itself.

Next time, while defining what biomimicry is, I will try to focus more on the advantages of biomimicry and try to make the reader more focused of what impact its introduction could have in our lives. Even though the topic is not well known, I will try to find a way to combine the definition of the science while stating clearly the advantages.


Biomimicry: the Solution for Sustainability

After honing its engineering skills for billions of years, nature has produced some of the world’s most innovative technologies and adaptions. Today scientists and engineers are looking to nature to tackle some humanity’s most complex problems- this process is known as bio-mimicry. The use of this process in business (in the case of recycling) can help reduce waste and limit their impact on the environment. Today global warming is a hot topic and effective solutions are under study. Why should biomimicry be considered as an ultimate solution for sustainability?

Biomimicry is an emerging discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates them in designing buildings or goods...
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