Biometric Thumb Locker

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The art of creating new peripherals as a medium for innovations and changes are being introduced. With new technology nowadays, more interesting materials are present and more systems are developed.

In Rizal Technological University, Faculty, Students are using lockers or cabinets in a way of storing files or important documents for privacy and security purposes. Some locker is controlled only by ordinary padlock, so that the user might not secure their important documents or files and other personal belongings. This study generates some alternative improvements regarding this matter and offered by biometric finger print locker with alarm systems are the higher level of security provided over existing products. It can be place in locker area of a specific college department, new users can be authorized for access instantly, since there is no need to have extra keys and the products are easy to fit and fast to use.

The other major technological advance has been the advent of biometric technology. Biometric identification technology was invented during the latter half of the 20th century. However, it only became a commonly used technology around. This study was automated method of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. Using biometrics for identifying human beings offers some unique advantages. Biometrics can be used to identify you as you. Tokens, such as smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, photo ID cards, physical keys and so forth, can be lost, stolen, duplicated, or left at home. Biometrics hold the promise of fast, easy-to-use, accurate, reliable, and less expensive authentication for a variety of applications.

Another key aspect is how "user-friendly" a system is. Some common characteristics needed to make a biometric system usable. First, the biometric must be based upon a distinguishable trait. There is a great deal of scientific data supporting the idea that "no two fingerprints are alike." Technologies such as hand geometry have been used for many years and technologies such as face or iris recognition have come into widespread use. Some newer biometric methods may be just as accurate, but may require more research to establish their uniqueness, permanence, collectability, performance, acceptability and circumvention. Lower cost systems are prone to errors, including failing to identify an authorized person and incorrectly identifying unauthorized people.

The conceptual framework consists of three elements which are the Input, Process and Output. These are the simplified elements for the more complicated and detailed structure of the system framework.

Figure 1

Conceptual Framework of biometric Thumb Locker with Alarm
Shown in Figure 1 illustrates the conceptual framework of the proposed project. The Biometric Finger Print Scanner serve as input device which scans and register the fingerprint of the owner.

This research study was undertaken to identify and indicate the significance of providing a Biometric Thumb Locker with alarm system for the students of Rizal Technological University. Specifically, it pursues to answer the following questions: 1. How the Biometric Finger Print Locker with alarm system can identifies the right user? 2. How does the proposed system will improve the security of the old one? 3. How can it be beneficial to the students and faculty members of the university to have a Biometric Thumb Locker with alarm system? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

The great significance of our design project is to help students to have a chance to do their task freely.
To the students,
With this project, students will become well convenient to stored their things on the locker. It could minimize the...
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