Biometric Identification

Topics: Biometrics, Unique Identification Authority of India, Iris recognition Pages: 3 (1157 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Ryan Waggy
Kip Hamilton
CIS 200 8:10
31 October 2012
Biometric Identification: The Answer to Our Problems
The issue of biometric identification has been a highly debated topic for several years. Many people do not approve of or agree with the use of biometric identification on the grounds that it is invasive and leaves no room for privacy. These are typical arguments that people believe without thinking of the benefits of biometric identification. Those who are informed on the benefits of biometric identification primarily bring up the argument that the benefits outweigh the small chance that people will lose slight portions of their privacy. For many, the answer is clear; they believe that the benefits do outweigh the small chance that privacy will be restricted. Current problems with issues such as government aid, terroristic threat, immigration, and identity theft can all be solved or relieved with the application of a national biometric identification system. Many believe that introducing a national system of biometric identification would be too difficult to actually produce results. Especially when civil libertarian opponents of biometric identification stop at no lengths to make sure that any legislation will not pass (Guha). They will not however have the chance to stop the next big leap in introducing biometric identification to a mass amount of people. Currently in India a system is being developed for biometric identification on an incredibly large scale. By the year 2015, the government plans to have 600 million Unique Identification Numbers (UID) that will be linked to fingerprints, iris scans, and facial photographs (Guha). The purpose behind this movement is not an addition to national security, but an increase of social benefits (Guha). The Unique ID, which has now been named “Aadhaar”, has the purpose of radically changing the current schemes and corruption in Indian welfare programs. The Aadhaar program was created by the Unique...
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