Biomes an Biodiversity

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Biomes and Diversity
Extinction is a natural selection process. Should humans strive to preserve a representative sample of all biomes or aquatic zones? Why should humans be concerned with the extinction rate?

This is an interesting question. Lets consider the fact that it begins by stating extinction is a natural selection process. This seems to stifle one side of this argument.The side of the argument that rallies humans to be concerned with the extinction rate and strive to preserve a representation sample of all biomes or aquatic zones. If extinction is nature's survival of the fittest then why should humans try and fight against nature much less be concerned with the extinction rate? Is there really anything more a human can do in the evolution of an animal or plant species other then intervene and slow own the extinction process? Afterall, without this evolution process new species of animal and plants cannot develop. "In practice it is hard to measure all of the variables that a species needs to survive, so descriptions of an organism's niche tend to focus on the most important limiting factors."(Moorcraft, Unit 4, Section 7) The argument to preserve a representative sample would require an ecological niche. While a realized niche would provide the habitat a species requires to exist and reproduce without any outside competition from other similar species, it would not work on a large scale or for humans. Realized niches only work like zoos, arboretums, botanical gardens or aquariums. Captive breeding program have been able to reproduce and preserve species that were once extinct, like condors, as well as clone "several endangered varieties of cows and sheep, and some biologists advocate creating DNA libraries of genetic material from other endangered species."(Pringle, Unit 9, Section 5) While humans are a species, we depend on other species to exist. "Competition results in species occupying niches within ecosystems, and also helps to drive the...
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