Biome Essay

Topics: Rainforest, Soil, Tropical rainforest Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: March 31, 2009
The Tundra and the Taiga are found in the Northern hemisphere. They both have long winters and short summers. However the tundra has a longer growing season. The long arduous winters make the animals migrate in search of vegetation (food). Usually the animals migrate between these two regions, but at times they go even lower in seach of food. Then they comeback when the season changes. Humans would have great difficulty living in this region because of the excessively low temperatures and poor oil that is unusable for agriculture. These regions are very sensitive thus human interaction can be very detrimental to them. They are nutrient poor thus regeneration of their soil will take a long time. Furthermore, human involvement (such as oil mining) has lead to melting of frozen ice, some of which have been frozen since the ice age. The regeneration process is also slowed down by the testing in which parts of these regions are bombed. Such damages take time fix; the rate of problems caused is faster than the rate of fixing them. The Temperate Rain forest is found in the Northwest coast of North America, while Temperate Deciduous forest is in North East of North America, Europe and Asia. Both regions are dominated by trees. The rain forest has large evergreens which support the growth of epiphytes. On the other hand, the deciduous forest is dominated by broad leaved trees; the leaves of such trees shave off and help provide organic material for vegetation. The animals in the Rain forest have to adapt to the fact that little precipaitation reaches the lower plants. Therefore they have a bigger dependency on the tall trees. On the other hand, animals in the decidous forest depend on both the broad leaved trees and lower plants because there is a more even distribution of energy of both the tall and small plants. The high precipitations in both biomes help enable the abundance of trees. Both regions are rich with high level of organic materials...
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