Biome Deserts

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Q: Examine the main characteristics of a biome you have studied. (80 Marks) the name of this biome is cool temperate oceanic :) Swag Climate and location: The cool temperate biome is located between 40 degrees and 60 degrees north and south of the equator. Examples of countries which experience this type of climate are Ireland and Canada. The climate is influenced by the distance from the sea, latitiude, altitude and ocean currents. The biome experiences mild winters with an average temperature of 6 degrees celcius. In the summer months, it experiences average temperatures of between 15 degrees celcius and 16 degrees celcius. Rainfall is abundant throughout the year, with a definate winter maximum. As the biome is located betweeh 40 degrees and 60 degrees north and south of the equator, it is the point at which the warm tropical winds meet the cool polar winds. The polar winds cause the tropical winds to rise, resulting in low pressure. As these tropical winds rise, they cool and condense to form rain clouds. The south-westerly prevailing winds move these areas of low pressure over land masses which result in rainfall. This is why total average precipitation reaches between 1500mm - 2500mm in exposed highlands.

Flora and Fauna: The vegetation of the cool temperate biome is made up of deciduous forests. These deciduous trees have broad leaves and tall crowns. At 40m, the tops of the oak trees are located. At 20m, ash and chesnut tree crowns are located. And at between 5m and 10m beech trees are located. They shed their leaves so as not to lose much water by transpiration at a time of lower temperatures (winter) when rates of photosynthesis are low. THe different heights of the tree crowns is known as stratification. The floor of the deciduous forests are covered with shrubs including ferns and brambles. Cool temperate biomes have a balanced food chain including herbivores (rabbits) and carnivores (foxes). These animals are able to use the natural habitat...
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