Biology Woodlice Lab

Topics: Porcellio scaber, Light, Woodlouse Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: November 6, 2012
28/09/12 Grace Masters

Woodlice Behavior Experiment

Aim: To investigate the effect of light intensity on the behavior of woodlice (Porcellio scaber) in regards to their change in speed.


VariableHow can it be controlled?
- Light intensity
- The light intensity will be controlled by the knob on the lamp throughout the experiment. In addition, the light intensity will be controlled by closing the windows and doors in the classroom as well as turning off any other light source besides the one lamp needed to carry-out the experiment. (DV)

- Distance in between the lamp and the woodlouse
- Speed of woodlouse- The distance between the lamp and the woodlouse will be controlled by measuring its distance with a ruler and maintaining that distance throughout the whole experiment. - The speed of the woodlice will be controlled by measuring the distance it moves in the controlled time period by counting the amount of squares it crosses. (CV)

- Woodlice
- Time
- Temperature
- The woodlice will be controlled by using only one type of woodlice (Porcellio scaber). - The time will be controlled by a digital timer.
- The temperature will be controlled by using a non-heated lamp throughout the experiment. The temperature will also be controlled by closing all doors and windows in the classroom, in order to maintain the room temperature and not disrupt the experiment.

- Timer
- 1 sheet of squared paper (square’s area 1cm2)
- 1 non-heated lamp
- 1½ of a Petri dish
- 1 ruler
- 1 plastic spoon
- 5 Porcellio scaber

1. Collect the materials listed above. Next, plug-in the non-heated lamp and position it so that it is 19cm away from where the Porcellio scaber will be placed (measure this distance with a ruler). Then place the squared paper directly below the lamp and place the timer conveniently next to it. Then pick-up a plastic spoon and remove 5 Porcellio scaber from their temporary...
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