Biology Vocab

Topics: Ecological succession, Ecology, Ecosystem Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Biology Vocabulary:

1.Immigration: influx of individuals into an area
2.Emigration: movement of individuals out an area.
3.Logistic growth: (shown with an S-shaped curve) population growth that levels off at carrying capacity. 4.Exponential growth: (shown as J-shaped curve) geometric increase of a population as it grows into an ideal unlimited environment. 5.Niche: the sum total of a species use of the abiotic and biotic resources in its environment 6.Symbiosis: an ecological relationship between organisms of two different species that live together in direct contact 7.Commensalism: A symbiotic relationship in which the symboint benefits but the host is neither helped nor harmed. 8.Mutualism: a symbiotic relationship in which both participants benefits 9.Paratism: A symbiotic relationship in which the symboint benefits at the expense of the host by living either within the host as an ectoparasite. 10.Predation: interaction between species in which one species, the predator eats the other, the prey 11.Co evolution: the mutual evolutionary influence between two different species interacting with each other and reciprocally influencing each other adaptations. 12.Mimicry: the similarity of one species to another which protects one or both 13.Camouflage: an animal natural coloring or form that enables it to bond in with its surroundings 14.Pioneer species: species which colonize previously uncolonized land usually leading to ecological succession. They are the first organisms to start the chain of events leading to a live able biosphere or ecosystem. 15.Climax Community: a biological community of plants and animals which through the process of ecological succession the development of vegetation in an area over time has reached a steady state. 16.Succession: the series of changes in an ecological community that occur over time after a disturbance. 17.Primary Succession: a type of ecological that occurs in a virtually lifeless area where there...
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