Biology Unit 4 Db

Topics: Evolution, Immune system, Bacteria Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Organ Systems and Evovolution
Unit 4 DB

Antibiotics provide assistance of curing illnesses that face the nation as a whole. It is amazing to think that certain bacteria have the ability to become resistant to the antibiotics used to cure disease. They appear to hinder efforts of a much needed recovery that antibiotics provide.

The antibiotic of discussion today is called ciprofloxacin, (Cipro). It was given to people who were exposed to anthrax after the September 11, attacks. This antibiotic does not work alone, but comes from a family called quinolones. Cipro binds the bacteria protein, called gyrase. It lessens the ability of the bacteria, in reference to reproducing. It allows the immune system to fight and overtake the bacteria. While the bacteria are trying to reproduce, it is hindered and reproduces at a slower rate.

Bacteria that are quinolone resistant have mutations in the genes that encode the gyrase protein. If there is a mutation in the DNA, the Cipro cannot bind the altered gene. Because of this, the bacteria can survive. Resistance to the family of antibiotics is becoming a problem, because one type of the bacteria is now known to cause food poisoning.

Mutation and natural selection were thought to be driving forces in evolution, leading to the loss of functional systems. Antibiotic resistance of bacteria is not an example of evolution, but a variation within a bacterial kind, (Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria, n. d.). Mutated DNA can also cause bacteria to be resistant. Bacteria exchanges DNA, unlike humans. Evolution requires the gain of functional systems for bacteria to evolve, (…).

Resistance presents society with the clear and present danger of an unnecessary loss of life due to resistance. These bacteria are being studied by evolutionary scientist. They hope to learn how molecules to man occurred. It will be a constant battle that will hopefully be resolved through study, trial and error. The battle can be...
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