Biology Trypsin Investigation

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Investigating effect of enzyme concentration on the activity of trypsin.

Managing time efficiently during investigation, by carrying out multiple enzyme reactions at once. 1. Check all equipment and add appropriate volumes of trypsin and distilled water to make up 10cm3 of solution for each test tube 2. Place test tube 1 of 0cm3 trypsin solution x3 test tubes, test tube 2 of 8cm3 trypsin and test tube 6 of 10cm3 trypsin into the water beaker with water at a temperature of 35°C. Allow test tube solution to heat up to that same temperature of 35°C. 3. Place one wooden splint with photographic film strip attached into each of the 6 test tubes- and start stop watch. 4. Check temperature of water in beaker leaving thermometer in the beaker and constantly (every 2 minutes) maintaining 35°C.(within 2°C) 5. Record the time at which each film clears and make a note in the table. 6. Once reaction has occurred in each test tube and photographic film has cleared/grey, test tube will be removed and test tube number 5 of 8cm of trypsin will be put into beaker of water with photographic film strip attached to splint, recording the time it takes for the film to clear/grey. 7. Followed by test tube 4 of 6cm3 trypsin and then test tube 3 of 4cm3 of trypsin-each containing wooden splint attached to photographic film strip and put into water beaker, recording time taken for reaction to occur and film to turn clear/grey. 8. Whilst carrying out the investigation for reaction times for test tube 3, 4 and 5, will continue to monitor test tube 1x3 and 2 and time that reaction. 9. Repeat 3 times.

10. Find rate of reaction: rate of reaction= 1/time in seconds and record in table given on assignment sheet. 11. Find average rate of reaction for each trypsin concentration and record on table given on assignment sheet. 12. Plot a graph x=concentration level of trypsin, y=rate of reaction 13. Mark range bar on each point of the graph.

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