Biology Term Paper- Global Warming

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Global warming, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: March 7, 2013

A Research Paper presented to
Mrs. Erlinda B. Padilla
Faculty, College Department , La Consolacion College Tanauan

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in the subject
Biological Science


Carandang, Ma.Bernadette D.
Laurel, Princess Arlene
Panganiban, Gerald
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy - I

March 2013

“This study was done to know the effect and the latest status of the Philippines regarding the curbing of Global Warming. How can the Global warming affect the lives of the people? How it happened? And how it can be solved? These were some of the questions rotating in our minds. We can now observe how climate change affects our environment. There are times where we should experience summer but instead we experience winter. It’s so obvious that mother earth is getting older and older and all we need to do is to take good care of it. Summer is almost unbearably hot with occasional bursts of rain. Not the kind that we enjoyed when we’re younger. There is severe drought in some parts of the Philippines, relentless rains in some, tropical storms coming in stronger, leaving us stunned and obliging our government to improve emergency response protocols, cold and hot seasons going extreme affecting the agriculture sector. Fish kill. The biggest and worst we’ve seen in so many years. What is happening? In recent years we have been hearing the phrase “global warming”. And we thought that it is happening only in faraway countries. We never really took notice. I guess you can’t expect most Filipinos, when just getting food on the table and stretching our salary until the next payday is a struggle. While the solons are too busy getting media mileage and jumping in to the hottest issue until a more interesting one comes along. Then we are barraged with all these unfortunate events. Suddenly we are aware. Effects of global warming in the Philippines are evident...
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