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Topics: Classical genetics, Gene, Sex linkage Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: April 1, 2013
In vial one, a wild type hyper female Drosophila and wild type mellow male Drosophila were crossed respectively to determine the dominant behavioural phenotype. The first reciprocal cross was then carried out in vial two to define whether or not the behavioural phenotype is x-linked recessive. According to the results obtained from vial one, when the wild type hyper female and wild type mellow male was crossed, the resulting offspring’s phenotypes were all wild type hyper. This cross shows that the hyper behavioral phenotype can be considered dominant in comparison to mellow. In the reciprocal cross, the behavioural phenotypes were isolated from one another while the wing veins were kept constant (in this case both wild type). When the wild type mellow female Drosophila and wild type hyper male Drosophila were crossed, all female offspring obtained a similar phenotype to that of the male parental while all the male offspring had phenotypical combinations similar to that of the female parent. This set of results shows that the mellow behavioral phenotype is a recessive x-linked gene carried by the female because the resulting male offspring showed the same characteristics to that of the female parent (received X – chromosome from female parent). On an additional note, there was a higher frequency of females in comparison to men; 121 and 105 respectively. In addition, the behavioral gene is sex -linked also because of the different resulting phenotypical ratio in comparison to the cross carried out in vial one. Another cross was carried out in vial three to determine the dominant wing vein phenotype. A wild type hyper female and veinless hyper male were crossed and as a result, all male offspring consisted phenotypical characteristics similar to that of the female parent while the female offspring had the same characteristics to that of the male parent. The results from this cross are...
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