Biology Reflection

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Biology reflection.

My whole life I have been surrounded by different experiences with biology. My family has always been really active and I have always loved being outdoors. We go on camping trips, skiing, biking, fishing, swimming, and the list goes on. I remember though, the first time I went to the beach when we first moved to Poulsbo about 4 years ago. My dad had planned the whole trip so that by the time we got down to the beach, we had to hike to it, we would be there in time to explore the tide pools. I had grown up in the mountains in North Carolina to my experiences with the ocean were minimal. I had however seen a sting ray before in Florida. So too the sea urchins, starfish and other ocean creatures, was a great joy for me. I loved it. And I will always remember the time I watched as a small fish swam right into the center of a sea urchin and when it tried to back out the sea urchin closes up and sucked the fish in with it, trapping it. It was so interesting to see that happen. Or the time I went clamming at a friends house. I looked down at the sand thinking a saw movement and squatted down to get a better look and a clam squirted me in the face. We ended up making clam chowder for dinner. Now seeing eagles, star fish, crabs seals and other amazing animals is like seeing my friends at school, no big deal, but when my friends from North Carolina or relatives from Mississippi come to visit, I am constantly reminded of how I was when I first saw these things, the excitement and the wonder, like the time I watched a baby hummingbird hatch or this summer when I saved a hummingbird in Canada, did you know that they chirp? It’s a horrid sound, but also beautiful. I would have never thought that such a sound could come from such a beautiful bird. But then again I never though that I would ever feed a hummingbird water as it sat in my hand, watching its little tongue flicking in and out of it beak at an incredible speed barely visible to the human eye. I...
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