Biology Practicum Reflective Journal

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Assignment Title: Reflective Journal
Course Code: BIOL-455
Course Title: Biology Practicum
CRN: 25233
Semester: 2nd Semester 2012-13
Student Name: Gregory Jerome James
ID: 00021523
Programme: Biology
Date of Submission: 26-Apr-13
Lecturer’s Name: Ms. Karyn David

Pursue ones dreams is usually a piece of advice that I recall hearing uttered in a movie, but to me it’s a reality. Due to my own comprehensive awareness of self, I know I have always had an interest in the sciences. It began with biology and I believe it would end with medicine. I have considered a career in medicine at a very young age and never ruled it out but at times it seem doubtful, but almost six years later after first entering the college I am making it a reality and I’m even more determined to achieve success.

My desire to pursue the bachelor’s degree was a bit of irrational behavior on my part as my first course of study at the College of Science Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago was chemistry but nevertheless a science. Due to the need to satisfy certain prerequisites to pursue medicine, I enrolled into the bachelor’s degree in biology to acquire the basic skills and general knowledge that would be necessary to function in a medical program. To me this program is one of the most important steps that I must achieve along my long journey. It pays in the end as I would be in a better position to help people whether directly, by being able to treat members of the public medically or being able to contribute to the Poole of knowledge derived from medical research. I consider this year to consist of both happy and sad moments all of which can be very emotional nevertheless. I constantly reflect on the years that have passed and the countless courses that were completed in the process. They all to have been preparing me for this course, of biology practicum.

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