Biology Prac Notes

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Bio Practical Study Notes
Some good questions to ask: |
 | first-hand information and data| secondary information and data| reliability | Have I tested with repetition?| How consistent is the information with information from other reputable sources?| validity | Does my procedure experiment actually test the hypothesis that I want it to? What variables have I identified and controlled?| How was the information gathered? Do the findings relate to the hypothesis or problem?|

Control: Distilled Water
Independent Variable: The variable you are manipulating, eg time Dependant Variable: The variable you are measuring
Validity: is it a fair test? Can it be repeated and achieve the same results? Accuracy: measurement of materials, temperature and time accurate , check temps before adding things Reliability: is it a reliable test? It is appropriate?

Table: total, average
Graph: independent variable: x axis, dependent variable: y-axis Experiment: aim, hypothesis, safety, materials, method, results, conclusion, discussion * Begin each step with a verb
* Although students do not have time to repeat many enzyme experiments, they can appreciate that while the results they obtain are valid, experiments must be repeated a number of times to verify a scientific fact. Fancy words to use: optimum temperature

Enzyme Pracs
Effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity
* Catalase – an enzyme that catalyses the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen * Source of catalase is potato: amount of oxygen produced is amount of enzyme activity * 5 test tubes, different amounts of H2002 and distilled water, measure height of bubbles of oxygen * Results: an increase in substrate concentration produces an increase of the activity of the enzyme catalase Test the effect of temp on the activity of enzymes

Rennin- an enzyme that acts on the milk protein casein causing it to set (clot and curd) Sources of rennin is junket...
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