Biology Lab Write Up

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Biology 101

Exercise 2 Write Up
A local chicken farmer heard a lot about the bird flu so he freely decided to apply monthly physicals for his chickens. An observation made is that chickens have a body temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. That worries the farmer so he decides to conduct an experiment to try to figure it out. The question is “Do the chickens have a fever?” According to the information the cells are composed of hundreds types of enzymes and each one has a specific role in a reaction. When the shape of an enzyme changes it also becomes effective for its specific function. Although that is the case, the enzymes tend to be less effective when it in extreme temperature. In order for the enzyme to work best, the temperature of the chicken has to be the one that corresponds to its natural conditions found in the organism. My hypothesis for this experiment is that the chickens have the flu.

The procedure for this experiment consisted of a few steps. The first step was to obtain 3 test tubes and mark each one from one to three. Each test tube was filled with hydrogen peroxide, approximately 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide. After that there was three stations of water running at different temperature. One of them was at 23 degrees Celsius, another one was at 40 degrees Celsius, and the last one was at 100 degrees Celsius. Each test tube was set in the water baths and left there for about 2 minutes. After that, about five drops of chicken liver were added to the hydrogen peroxide. After waiting for the results, we measured the length of the bubbles that were created. That was the conclusion of our experiment. The results we got from the experiment were that the bubbles formed at 45ml at the 23 degrees Celsius temperature. The 40 degrees Celsius formed bubbles at 70ml. Lastly, the 100 degrees Celsius were formed at 0ml because it overflew.

Concluding this whole experiment, my hypothesis was supported because the chickens do have the fever....
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