Biology Lab Report

Topics: Venn diagram, Geometric progression, Integers Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 22, 2013
11 ST Revision
i)Multiply the following numbers and express in terms of a x 10k where 1 ≤a ≤ 10 and k ϵ Z:3.2 x 104 5.6 x 10-2
ii)Add them and multiply by four.
iii)Factorisex2 – 49iv)Factorise 16x2 - 9
v)Factorisex2 – 7x + 12vi)Solvex2 -7x + 12 = 0
vii)The first term of an arithmetic sequence is 8 and the common difference is 7. The nth term is 393. Find the value of n. viii)A geometric sequence has first term 2 and third term 32. Find the common Ratio. ix)Find the sum of the first 12 terms for the same sequence. x)There are 25 students in a class. 17 study French, 12 study Malay and 10 study both languages. Show this information on a Venn diagram. xi)How many study French onlyxii)Malay or French or both xiii)study neitherxiv)study one or the other but not both xv)The measurements of a length and width of a rectangular kitchen are 5.34m and 3.48m respectively. Calculate in m2 the exact area the of the kitchen. xvi)Write down both length and width correct to 1d.p.

xvii)Calculate the percentage error made if the area was calculated using the length and width correct to 1 d.p. xviii)Consider the numbers 5, , -3, , and the number sets N, Z, Q and R. Write which set each number belong in. xix)The relative frequencies of the popularity of certain brands of cleaner are displayed in the table below. Estimate the probability of someone using BRITE. Brand| Relative Frequency|

Shine| 0.34|
Brite| 0.27|
Cleano| 0.25|
No Scuff| 0.14|

xx) Estimate the probability of someone using Cleano.
xxi)If 300 people were surveyed altogether, how many preferred ‘No Scuff’? xxii)A biscuit tin contains 1 chocolate biscuit and 9 plain biscuits. A child chooses a biscuit, eats it and then chooses another. Draw a tree diagram to illustrate the outcomes. xxiii)Find the probability that both biscuits are chocolate. xxiv)Find the probability that at least one of the biscuits is plain. xxv)Shade the region (A ∪ B)...
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