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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Nick Sarris, April 3, 2013, D-Bell Biology

Virtual Electrophoresis Lab – Genetic Science Learning Center Use the link to complete the following lab.
Submit through edline when you are finished

Title, name, date and bell (8 pts)
Place your answer below the question and skip between questions (2 pts) Each question is worth 3 points

1. Why can’t DNA be sorted physically, using a microscope?- They are so tiny that they are unable to be seen under most microscopes.

2. What does gel electrophoresis help determine?- The length of different types of DNA strands as well as other molecules, such as proteins.

3. How does gel electrophoresis work?- Gel Electrophoresis works by first using a gel mold which contains small holes, of which DNA samples are placed. Then, an electrical current is added, making the DNA move. The DNA then moves through the holes in the gel, which the small strands move fastest, therefore sorting the DNA based on size.

4. What does the “gel” act like during electrophoresis?- The gel acts like a filter that sorts the DNA

5. What allows the DNA to move?- The electrical current, as well as the holes in the gel, allows the DNA to move.

6. Which strands move faster and which strands group together?- The smaller strands move faster than the longer strands, and the strands of the same length group together as they are both moving at the same speed.

7. What makes DNA visible to the naked eye? How does someone recognize the DNA groups in a gel?- Staining the sorted groups of DNA makes them visible to the eye. A person is still unable to see a single DNA strand, but they can see large groups of them.

8. List the 5 steps required to run a gel.- Make the gel, Set up the gel apparatus, Load the DNA sample into the gel, Hook up the electrical current and run the gel, and Stain the gel and analyze the results you find.

9. List the materials required to make a gel.- The materials...
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