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Topics: Energy, Carbohydrate, Thermodynamics Pages: 4 (973 words) Published: March 23, 2013

In this investigation, me and my partners performed an experiment to find the different energy contents in food and different amounts of energy released when consumed. Throughout this experiment our procedure was to take different food samples and use a device known as a calorimeter made from a can of aluminum, one large paper clips and a string of copper wire to measure the amount of thermal energy released during a reaction. By measuring the temperature difference before and after a reaction, the calorimeter indicates how much energy is released. From personal experiences I had previously learned about the release of energy from different types of food samples. For example, from a previous class we learned about monosaccharides and how these types of carbohydrates tend to release more energy than the energy storing polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates). I’ve learned some new and interesting facts such as a dried fruit will not release as much energy as I would have thought or predicted and some food samples surprised me with how much energy they released. Purpose

The goal of this experiment is to determine which type of food samples will release the most energy during complete combustion.

Testable question
Which type of food releases the most energy per gram during complete combustion?

I believe that food samples like the marshmallow and cracker will release the most energy per gram because they are mostly made of sugar and glucose which tends to release high amounts of energy when consumed since they are monosaccharide’s.

Materials and Procedure
List of materials used:
* Safety Goggles
* Lab apron
* 10 cm by 10 cm piece of cardboard
* Aluminum foil
* 2 Large paper clips
* Tape
* Calorimeter (aluminum can, paper clips, copper string)
* Ring stand
* Thermometer
* Electronic balance
* Glass stirring rod
* room- temperature water
* Food samples ( dried fruit,...
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