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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Read over the parts of the microscope and answer the following questions: 1.What do you call the lens you look through on the microscope? Ocular

2.What is the difference between the ocular lens and the objective lens? Ocular lens is the lens you look through and objective lens is the lens that is close to the stage.

3.Where do you place the slide on the microscope?
the stage under the stage clips

4.Which adjustment, course or fine, do you use when you are observing the highest power? Fine

5.What would the total magnification be if you are looking through the ocular and using each of the following objectives.

Ocular |Objective|Total Magnification|

Experiment 1: LAB Questions
1.At what magnification do you first notice the ragweed pollen?


2.Which is bigger, a rhinovirus or E. Coli?

E. Coli

3.Based on the magnification, how many of the E. Coli can fit into the same space as the head of a pin?

10,000 E. Coli

4.About how many red blood cells could fit across the diameter of a human hair (again, look at the magnification scale)?

about 100 blood cells?

Experiment 2: Virtual Microscope

1. What is the first step normally taken when you look through the oculars?

Adjust Oculars

2. What is the highest objective you can use to see the entire letter e?


3. The nuclei of the cheek cells has been stained using a special dye so that they appear purple. What shape are they?

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