Biology Enzyme Activity

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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Does Temperature Affect Enzyme Activity?
As a group, we conducted an experiment to see if temperature would affect enzyme activity. We did this because we are studying enzymes and were curious if they would be affected by temperature. We hypothesized that temperature would affect enzyme activity. We believed this because it seemed fitting that something which increased the role or speed of something would be affected by changes in something like temperature.

A catalyst is a substance which changes the role or speed at which a reaction occurs. The catalyst in our experiment was the enzyme, catalase. An enzyme is a specialized protein which catalyzes reactions in cells. The enzyme in our experiment was catalase, which came from the potato juice. The function of an enzyme is to catalyze reactions in cells. The specific function of the enzyme in this experiment was to see if it affected the activity if it was exposed to different temperatures. A substrate is a material or substance which the enzyme acts. The substrate in our lab was hydrogen peroxide. Procedure

For our experiment we used, three test tubes, nine milliliters of potato catalase, two beakers, one hot plate, three ice cubes, tape, two pipettes, test tube rack, ruler, and thermometer.
First, we labeled the three test tubes hot, cold, and room temperature with tape. Then we placed three milliliters of potato catalase into each of the test tubes. Next, we placed the test tube labeled hot into a beaker which had been placed on the hot place. Then we placed the test tube labeled cold into a beaker with three ice cubes. We left the tube labeled room temperature on the test tube rack. We let these beakers set where they were for three minutes. After the time had passed, we measured and recorded the temperatures of each test tube. After recording our results we added three milliliters of hydrogen peroxide to each tube. We waited for one minute after adding the hydrogen...
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