Biology Christian Ed Understanding the Times

Topics: Evolution, Natural selection, Life Pages: 4 (1230 words) Published: May 18, 2011
Ms. Canto
Christian Ed.
Biology 4.1
1.) Based on bad interpretation of scripture. It is particularly damaging to your view of Adam and Eve. If this account refers only to metaphoric or mythological characters, then it is hard to account for original sin. 2.) Science is based on assumption that the universe is orderly and can be expected to act according to specific and discoverable laws. A view point that is tied directly to a Christian worldview. An ordered lawful universe would seem to be the effect of an intelligent cause which was the belief of most early scientist. 3.) Teleology – study of purpose and design life in general operates like the most complex of machines. DNA- the store-house containing all the genetic information necessary for life. Spontaneous generation- the belief that non life gives rise to living organisms. 4.) It should show the continuous and gradual change from the simplest to the most complex way of life. 5.) It is able to avoid the problem of transitional forms it still must be able to account for the problems of spontaneous generation, a lack of observed beneficial mutations and the contradiction of the second law of thermodynamics.

Biology 4.2
6.) According to Islam, God has always existed. He is eternal and self existent. He created everything and set the universe in order. 7.) It can be either 6 or 8 days, according to Islam.
8.) Just as the Christian community is divided over whether to advocate a old or young earth so Muslims are also divided on the subject. 9.) Just like Christian apologists, Muslim apologists regularly appeal to the order of the universe as evidence for God’s existence and creative activity. 10.) Though some modern Muslims believe that evolutionary theories accurately describe the history of the world and the origin of species, the majority of Muslims reject evolutionary theories on both scientific and religious grounds. Biology 4.3

11.) Humanists manifesto 1:...
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