Biology Chapter 3 Vocab

Topics: Cell, Cell membrane, Organelle Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Word | Definition| Clue|
Cell Theory| A theory that states that all organisms are made of cells, all cells are produced by other living things, and the cell is the most basic unit of life.| | Cytoplasm| A jellylike substance that contains dissolved molecular building blocks- such as proteins, nucleic acids, minerals, and ions.| | Organelles| Structures that are specialized to perform distinct processes within a cell.| | Prokaryotic Cells| Cells that do not have a nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles.| | Eukaryotic Cells| Cells that have a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles.| | Cytoskeleton| A network of proteins that is constantly changing to meet the needs of a cell.| | Nucleus| The storehouse for most of the genetic information, or DNA, in your cells.| | Endoplasmic Reticulum| (Or the ER) is an interconnected network of thin folded membranes.| | Ribosomes| Are tiny organelles that link amino acids together to form proteins.| | Golgi Apparatus| The Golgi apparatus consists of closely layered stacks of membrane-enclosed spaces that process, sort, and deliver proteins.| | Vesicles| Are a general name used to describe small membrane-bound sacs that divide some materials from the rest of the cytoplasm and transport these materials from place to place. | | Mitochondria| Mitochondria supply energy to the cell. They are bean shaped and have two membranes.| | Vacuole| A vacuole is a fluid-filled sac used for the storage of materials needed by a cell.| | Lysosomes | The lysosomes are membrane-bound organelles that contain enzymes.| | Centrioles| Centrioles are cylinder-shaped organelles made of short microtubules arranged in a circle.| | Cell Wall| The surrounding of a cell membrane in a plant cell. It is a rigid layer that gives protection, support, and shape to the cell.| | Chloroplasts| Chloroplasts are organelles that carry out photosynthesis, a series of complex chemical reactions...
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