French Wars of Religion

Unit 4 Review - Chapters 5-7
I.The Renaissance
A.Leonardo da Vinci
II.The Intellectual and Artistic Renaissance
A.Christine de Pizan
III.The Protestant Reformation
A.Christian humanist beliefs?
C.Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
1.Attack on ___?
IV.Exploration and Expansion
A.Vasco de Gama
B.New Netherlands
C.Spice Islands
1.Modern name?
2.Why did Europeans want control?
1.When dominate?
2.Prosperity depends on?
E.Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) did what?
V.Africa in an Age of Transition
A.Triangular Trade
1.Middle Passage
VI.Southeast Asia in the Era of the Spice Trade
A.European countries that controlled the Spice Islands? B.Dutch control of clove trade?
VII.Europe in Crisis: The Wars of Religion
B.Edict of Nantes (1598)
VIII.Social Crises, War, and Revolution
A.Peace of Westphalia (1648)
B.Oliver Cromwell
1.Who was he?
2.What is he famous for?
3.Where did the events take place?
4.How did he accomplish the events?
5.Why did he feel the need to do it?
C.Thirty Years' War
1.When did it occur?
2.Who was involved (countries)?
3.Why was it fought?
D.Glorious Revolution
1.Why did it happen (the reason)?
2.Who involved?
3.How did it happen (the events)?
E.Divine Right of Kings?
IX.Response to Crisis: Absolutism
A.Cardinal Richelieu
B.Peter the Great
D.Louis XIV
1.Maintained power by___?
X.The World of European Culture
1.Work example of____?
2.Famous for___?
A.Describe the pattern of triangular trade that developed in the 1500s. (5 points) 1.Found in:...
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