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What Depositional Features are formed along the Swift River channel from Hope Road to Bloom Field Portland Jamaica?

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Location of Study Area
Map Of Jamaica

Location of Study Area
Map of Study Area Portland

The Aim of Study
What Depositional Features are formed along the Swift River channel from Hope Road to Bloom Field Portland Jamaica?

The primary data of this study was collected on a field visit to the Swift river in Hope Bay, Portland, Jamaica(see map of Jamaica) on November 2, 2011 the weather conditions for the day was fair with a few citrus clouds and strong winds. Three (3) sites were selected to be observed in the lower and middle course of the Swift River. At each site the depositional land form were analysed and identified. Multiple measurements were made and recorded.
The three (3) sites that were studied can be identified on a map (topographical sheet, scale 1:50) and their sizes were determined using one scale of the map and also information recorded at the site. Sample of the sediment that was found at locality one (1) were collected random, by the students taking up a piece of rock without looking. These were placed on a study board were the long and l short axis of the sediments were measured by the use of large ruler and tape measure then the samples were recorded.

The velocity at these localities two and three were obtained by measuring the velocity (speed) of the river. This was done by two students standing in the river from top to bottom. A bottle filled with water was then placed in the river to float. A distance was measured at 15m with a tape measure, the time the bottle took to float and complete the distance of 15meters were recorded. This was repeated five times at each locality. The width and depth of the river were measured using a meter ruler and tape measure.

Presentation of Data
Locality 1
Sample No.| Shape of Rock| Long Axis| Short Axis| Rock Type| 1| Sub Rounded| 5| 4| Metamorphic|
2| Well Rounded| 7.8| 4| Sedimentary|
3| Sub Angular| 8| 5| Sedimentary|
4| Rounded| 3.5| 2| Igneous|
5| Sub Rounded| 3| 2.5| Metamorphic|
6| Sub Rounded| 7| 6| Sedimentary|
7| Rounded| 2.8| 1| Metamorphic|
8| Well Rounded| 5| 2| Igneous|
9| Sub Angular| 3| 2.3| Sedimentary|
10| Rounded| 4.5| 2.1| Sedimentary|
11| Well Rounded| 15| 4| Metamorphic|
12| Sub Rounded| 2| 1| Igneous|
13| Rounded| 8| 6.5| Metamorphic|
14| Sub Angular| 10| 4| Sedimentary|
15| Rounded| 5| 3| Sedimentary|
16| Rounded| 9| 5| Igneous|

Diagrams at the Mouth of Swift River

Written report
On Delta of Swift River
The delta of the Swift River in Portland, Hope Road, Jamaica is located at latitude-North 18O, Longitude- West 77o on 81 minutes. The Delta (See figure1) is a composited feature, located at the compass direction north north east, in width 1.5km at it’s widest. The gradient of the delta is 1.5km in length. The wider strip of the delta is now under cultivation of farmers. The channel flow of the river id very rough which leads to the derailing of the banks of the river. This is because wave energy from the river (moving downward) and from the sea (moving upwards) is moving rapidly moving back and forth resulting in the banks of the river to be eroded.

The sediments that are thrown on the banks of the river is caused by the process of attrition. This is stone and rocks carried downstream are thrown against each other. They are worn away and gradually become more rounded as they are carried downstream. Theses sediments are known to be unsorted.

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