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Acid Rain

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There are many possible solutions to the problem that we are facing nowadays that is Acid Rain. Acid rain is formed from two main gases that are released in the atmosphere which are sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide. I will talk later about the solutions for acid rain and the effect of this rain and what are the two forms of acid deposition. I have also watched some videos about acid rain? I also should say the most important thing that scientists are doing in their labs. Where acid rain is most effects on which states and does it affect human when we swim in a really high acidic ocean.

Acid rain is a mixture of water and gases that have a pH of 5 or lower and it is found in our atmosphere. Acid rain is made out of two main gases nitrogen dioxide which is formed from cars, and sulfur dioxide which is made from factories which burn coal. Acid rain or acid deposition has two main forms that are wet deposition or dry deposition: wet deposition is a form of precipitation and dry deposition is in a form of gases or microscopic particles floating in our air that we breathe. (" toxic Rain: The Effect of Acid rain on the Environment.")

The pH scale has numbers from 0 to 14 and acid are from 0-7 but alkali are from 7-14 and neutral is 7. A lake has a ph of 8 or above which is alkali and distilled water is neutral (pH=7), although, New York lakes contain high acid which have the pH of 4 and 4.5 which is below the normal. (" toxic Rain: The Effect of Acid rain on the Environment.")

Coal burning is doubling every year and the sulfur dioxide is increasing in the past decades and it is gathering in the atmosphere which is harmful for the O-zone layer and that is dangerous because then all over the world the ocean will be acidic and the human life will end forever because it would be the end of the whole food chain. Acid rain is becoming a problem because we humans are polluting the air that we breathe from and the earth is suffering from this problem and I promise you that the earth will have its revenge on us humans for polluting it and it is not a figure of speech it will happen you will see. So that is why we are doing the recycle and go green because if we do not do anything we will die and the grand children will not visit the old sculptures because of the acid rain and its very important to save the antiquities. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide doesn’t just come from nature it has two main sources which are factories which burn coal and cars that we humans drive and travel for 100km or more. These problems have a solution but the coal itself has two. (" toxic Rain: The Effect of Acid rain on the Environment.")

Acid deposition is very dangerous for trees and forests because acid rain give aluminum a chance to grow in the soil and destroy the tree’s roots that will eventual die and stop reproducing photosynthesis and the tree will stop growing branches but it will do the opposite it will lose branches and leaves at the same time because of the harmful rain that we exposed to these poor trees. It is shown in the following image (no.1). (" toxic Rain: The Effect of Acid rain on the Environment.")

(Image 1)

The most recent cases are found in the United States and Canada the world’s industrial countries are facing problems from acid rain both countries have a minimum number of 1520 visits to the emergency room from dry deposition and if you swim in acidic water nothing will happen to your body. (" toxic Rain: The Effect of Acid rain on the Environment.")

Acid rain is very harmful because it is affecting the human ecosystems. The acidic water can have many problems in 2100 when all sea life dies and us humans suffering for fish when the pH scale turns to 0 because of the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide nothing will survive especially the food chain that is so important for our life....
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