Topics: Organism, Metabolism, Cellular respiration Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Energy In A Cell – Respiration & Photosynthesis

Cellular respiration and photosynthesis are complementary reactions. In this lab, you will review both processes and put the steps of each in order of occurrence. You will gain from this exercise an overall understand of how these processes work hand-in-hand in cellular organisms.

You will go to the following website:

After reading the guide, you will work to move the puzzle pieces in order of occurrence from top left to bottom right.

Once you have the pieces in the correct order after checking for accuracy, you will then perform a print screen of the complete puzzle and insert it into this worksheet (last question). This usually involves clicking the Function key (FN) and the Print Screen key (Prnt Scrn).

Once you have completed the puzzle and print screen you will answer the remaining journal questions below. Please answer all questions in another color font.

Save your file and upload it into eCampus in the proper lab section for grading. Do NOT copy and paste it into the text box on eCampus.

Journal Questions:

1. What is the importance of the light and dark reactions in photosynthesis?

2. What happens to food energy during photosynthesis?

3. What happens to food energy during cellular respiration?

4. Why is photosynthesis important to you as a living organism?

5. What are the processes in cellular respiration?

6. Why are photosynthesis and cellular respiration viewed as complementary processes?

7. Describe the similarities and differences between photosynthesis and cell respiration.

8. Put the puzzle together in the correct order with the 2 additional blank spaces at the end of the bottom line (on the right side). Your puzzle must flow from photosynthesis to respiration...
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