Biological, Psychodynamic, Behavioral and Cognitive Approach to Psychology

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  • Published : December 3, 2010
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Excuse or Explanation?
When the news report flashes across the television informing millions around the world of the murder of a family of six, it is obvious that the initiate reaction of the civilians would be terror and hatred. This hatred, a fierce, in-tolerant force behind these people that would instantly choose the worst for whomever the suspect may be. Often, this is the reaction of the people whereas there are a few of those individuals who may decide to view this case differently. These would be psychologists. A psychologist may approach this story with a view inside of the perpetrators mind. Was he biologically, psychodynamicly, behaviorally or cognitively provoked to do such a thing? What would make someone do something horrible and violent like that? Each of the psychologists views provide different aspects and alternate explanations for why this offenders actions occurred, sometimes even explanations to the point of understanding the mind of a criminal.

A biological psychologist specifically focuses on the genetics and physiological side of the story. Biology itself refers to the make-up of each individual person, most of the time stemming off from his or her parents, grand-parents or even great-grand-parents. How did they act? What did they do? And why did they do it? It could be in their genes, the way that things are put together inside each individuals mind that illustrates the reason for their actions. Is it possible that one’s genes were made up to be completely violent? Could one’s father or mother be more responsible for the deaths of these six people than the murderer themselves? A biological psychologist would more than likely answer this question with a definite “yes”. A biological point of view examines all thoughts, feelings and behaviors as a product of the chemistry of our brains. A statement might also be that we become ill whether medically or psychologically due to our genetics. This, might bring the biological psychologists...
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