Biological Macromolecules Post Lab

Topics: Glucose, Starch, Biochemistry Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: February 13, 2011
The vast complexity of a single organism, including humans, is attributed to the intricacies found within their bio molecular contents. These contents are the very small, specific pieces that make up everything from the walls of our cells, the shape of the proteins that form functional structures of the cells, or even the basic units that contain the energy required to fuel life. The knowledge of these biomolecules can be used to analyze food contents to allow scientists to manipulate or identify the healthiest foods, to discover new molecules that can be compounded in life saving medications, or to identify disorders in our own molecules that can be corrected. These are among some of the uses knowledge of these bio molecules could provide us. In this experiment, we are going to analyze the content of two different types of substances, a banana and some curry, to identify whether or not they contain starches, sugars, or proteins. This experiment is a very basic test of biomolecular content where identifying agents are mixed with the substances to determine their content. Our hypothesis is that the banana will contain both sugars and starches, but will not contain protein. This hypothesis is supported by the fruit’s sweet taste and starch-like structure, possibly similar to a potato, which, based on prior knowledge, is known to be a ‘starchy-food’. Our hypothesis for curry is less precise. The curry was an original recipe and the ingredients were unknown. Based, however, on the taste and texture alone, in comparison with other known starchy foods, we would hypothesize that it does contain starch. Protein and sugar content, however, are unknown. Specifically, we predict that when added to a banana mixture, the starch and sugar identifiers will react, and when added to a curry mixture, starch identifier will react, but the two other identifiers will be unknown. Specifics of this prediction will be discussed in the next section.

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